Akaroa Road

Travel out from Christchurch through Halswell and Tai Tapu.  After the Black Tulip the road becomes interesting, right through to Little River it is relatively flat, with a lot of good, fast corners.  There are sometimes speed traps and such, so watch your speed here.  After Little River there is a long and high stretch through to Barry's Bay.  Lots of twisties, there is a very short passing bay part way up in case you get stuck behind someone.  It doesn't pay to be too impatient. 

The map here doesn't do the road justice - the road goes up a steady rise to the top, around  450m altitude.  There is a pub at the top, simply called "The Hilltop", which is a popular place to stop for a beer.    From here you can either go straight down to Barry's Bay and continue along the main road or instead turn left and travel along the southerly part of the Summit Road.  The latter is by far the more interesting road, although both routes can be fun.

Watch the Summit Road section - it appears quite deserted a lot of the time but it has many side roads dropping off to the many bays along the north side of the peninsula and there will usually be some traffic going in and out of these roads.

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