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The Laverda Owners Register of New Zealand, started in August 1999, is open to all Laverda Owners, both past and present.  It aims to help members promote the Laverda brand of motorcycles, both old and new, plus help each other out with information and news.  It is intended that there will be a subscription based newsletter, possibly every two to three months, as well as the opportunity to arrange informal rides and such in various parts of the country.  Area coordinators are welcome to put up their hands and volunteer at any time.

Contact Details:-


(03) 313-7362


Steve Carr (Steve@laverda-nz.org)


PO Box 24-303






As the Register is still forming at this stage, the first task is to try and establish the current ownership and whereabouts of as many Laverdas as possible, plus information on any that may have left the country or been wrecked. 

I have an initial list based on information obtained by me, plus old dealer records and those of  the now defunct Laverda Owners Club of New Zealand that would indicate there are over one hundred bikes in the country, including three of the now legendary 750 SFCs, plus a few other uncommon models as well.  If you have any information at all regarding any of these wonderful bikes, please drop me a line or send me an eMail.  The information I'm after is frame/engine numbers, model, colour, registration number, owner name, address and phone number, eMail addresses and any other useful information regarding the bike.  A photo for the 'Photos' section of this site would be great too!  All information collected will be kept strictly confidential, if that is required, and isn't intended to be used for any nefarious purposes.

A potted history of Laverdas in New Zealand is available here.  Feel free to send me corrections, additions and anecdotes galore!

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